CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Since 1971, D&R has been providing machining solutions for the manufacture of complex parts supporting the Aerospace, Commercial, Military, and Transportation industries.  Our capabilities include short and long run production that leverage the latest in machine tool technologies.   With a commitment to reducing costs through Automation, we now have over 30 CNC machines (See Facilities List) equipped with Bar Feeders, Pallet Changers, and Gantry Loaders.  We also have several 5-Axis Mills and Live Tooling Lathes so no part is too complex to produce.  We machine a wide variety of Metals and Plastics and have extensive experience with Forgings, Castings, and Hog Outs.  Our expertise is in two specific types of machining: CNC Milling and CNC Turning.

CNC Milling Capabilities

D&R has over 20 CNC Milling centers, which includes a growing list of 5-Axis mills and over 10 machines equipped with pallet change systems.  Combined with innovative solutions from production engineering, we can cost effectively manufacture low or high volume quantities, simple or complex parts, and everything in between.  The pallet equipped machines have essentially allowed us to run 2 shifts: A manned shift during normal working hours and an unmanned shift throughout the night.  This “Lights Out” machining has resulted in increased capacity at minimal cost leading to price reductions for our customers.

CNC Turning Capabilities

D&R has over 10 CNC Lathes, several of which are equipped with bar feeders and gantry loaders.  Most of our lathes have live tooling with up to 4-Axis capability.  A job that once passed through a 2-Axis lathe and a 3-Axis mill can now be machined complete in any one of our live tooling lathes.  This reduction in change over and setup translates into quicker turns and less expensive parts for our customers.  Similar to our milling centers, D&R leverages custom production plans and automated parts loading to machine parts “Lights Out” throughout the night.  Given some innovative tooling and fixture design, we can hold .0003” on our lathes eliminating the cost and time associated with external grinding.

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