In 2009, D&R relocated from a 17k sq ft facility to a newly renovated 41k sq ft facility in Southampton, PA. Prior to the renovations, we invested a tremendous amount of resources evaluating the most economical use of space to ensure that the facility would allow for the continuous flow of product. From our receiving and saw cutting areas and into the machine shop, our facility layout minimizes travel time between operations. We have strategically located machine tools, our staging area, and inspection hubs throughout the shop so tools, people, and material are all in the right proximity to one another.

Perhaps the greatest example of building efficiency comes from our effort to go green. Part of the extensive renovations included a complete roof and electrical replacement. We chose a CertainTeed GTA CoolStar coated energy efficient roofing system, which reflects the sun’s rays and reduces the roof’s surface temperature. On a 100 degree day, this roof will have a 90 degree surface temperature. By comparison, a gravel roof will heat up to 145 degrees and a black roof will push 180 degrees! A cooler roof means a lower utility bill, a more stable manufacturing environment, and a more comfortable building occupant.

We also replaced the existing mercury vapor lights with a Renova EcoLyte Series high performance energy efficient lighting system. This system utilizes “High Intensity Fluorescent” technology, which dramatically reduces energy consumption and provides the closest lighting to natural daylight.

Our machine shop is also fully air conditioned and ventilated allowing us to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels for the manufacture of volatile materials such as magnesium.

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